Where Premium Colombian Coffee is grown

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The best Colombian coffee is said to grow in the Zona Cafetera (the Coffee Triangle), which has the ideal characteristics for the best coffee to grow.

Altitudes where supremo or premium Colombian coffee plants are grown:

Good quality coffee starts at 3000 ft (around 900 meters above sea level) to 7,000 ft (around 2100 m.a.s.l.). Premium Colombian coffee starting 5000 ft masl.

Difference in taste we can expect in the Colombian coffee in each different altitude:

In Colombia, the lower the altitude of the coffee plantation, the more earthly the coffee (chocolate and nutty flavors) and the higher you go, the more frutal and floral the flavors.

Single farms in Colombia and what they are:

Single farms is the name used when coffee beans come from one single farm instead of from many farms, in which case the coffee is known as a “blend”. The fact that the coffee beans are from one single farm does not ensure quality, of course, but whatever the quality, it is always better when from one same farm than if from many farms. And, on top of that, if the coffee beans are of quality, then all the better! Supremo café is always single-farm.


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