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IN COLOMBIA: We are a Colombian Coffee Company as also an Organic Colombian Coffee Company. We are specialized Roasters. Our offer consists in a wide range of the best pure 100% arabica roasted coffee beans, no mixes and only the best Colombian has to offer.  We offer Organic coffees, Excelsos, Supremos and Specialty Coffees. Our coffees are all hand-picked instead of strip-picked and sun-dried, guaranteeing coffee beans with the best possible flavours. We are  are 100% Colombian, registered and certified  and authorised exporters.  In order for a Colombian Coffee Company to be able to export coffee from Colombia, it needs to be a registered exporter with the Federación de Café, the national Coffee institution in Colombia for Colombian Coffee. Our coffees are “Café de Colombia”.  A “Café de Colombia” has to be, according to the Colombian National Coffee Federation, a coffee produced in Colombia in the coffee growing region (Zona Cafetera) and at specific altitudes that can reach 2000 masl.

Real Colombian Coffee

Our Coffees meet all the requirements of Guarantee of Origin that demands a product such as Colombian Coffee.


BUSINESS NAME: La Cruz Domínguez Servicios Integrales S.L.U

Our factory, located in Alicante, is FDA and EU certified, meaning that we are authorised exporters of coffee worldwide.

Our minimum order is 50 kgs. We are worldwide sellers to other major distributors, wholesalers,  hotel, supermarket and restaurant chains, amusements parks, schools, coffee shops, bulk or private label. We manufacture our own recyclable bags with high-quality valves.

In case of interest, please download our updated catalogue and do not hesitate to contact us. Please click on the link for more info on  Private Label Coffee


We are a private association of coffee companies, toasters, producers, exporters of quality coffee from Colombia. The ones that make up our association are certified coffee companies, with products authorized for export. The Association has its European representation in Madrid, Spain. As a Spanish importing association, we are the first vertically integrated coffee company. This integration gives us a very important advantage over other international producers and marketers. Thanks to our dual-party certifications, both European and Colombian, our buyers can trust that they are buying only a 100% Arabica Colombian coffee and the highest quality excellent supreme and specialty, direct from Colombia to your destination country. Thus, our buyers enjoy the double guarantee that only our company can offer, a guarantee as fundamental as important in the world of high quality Arabica coffee supreme. We supervise many of the plantations directly, while as a certified European-Spanish importing company we give certainty of the quality of our Colombian product under European quality standards.


We specialize in the small and medium buyer, who requires more personalized attention to embark on the launch of his private brand. It is a great peace of mind for our buyers to know that our European team simultaneously controls the quality of absolutely the entire process, from the collection to the personalized “packaging” that the customer asks us. In addition, our customers can customize the roasting of coffee according to the palate of their country or region. Our production processes enable cost optimization and the best possible logistics.

Our Association of official, licensed and authorised Colombian farmers and producers, exporters, roasters, wholesalers and coffee companies are all authorised exporters by the Colombian “Federación de Cafeteros”. This allows us to offer the best-quality 100% Colombian Arabica coffee in the region. Our Association  offers a wide range of coffees and coffee solutions.

Maximum strict control is put into all processes, from planting, collecting, drying, roasting to packaging, labelling and shipping. We are one of the few Colombian coffee companies with our own coffee plantations and land.

About our Coffee Company and Coffee Association

Ours coffees are all  “Café de Colombia” Coffees. A “Café de Colombia” has to be, according to the Colombian National Coffee Federation, a coffee produced in Colombia in the coffee growing region (Zona Cafetera) and at specific altitudes that can reach 2000 masl.
Our coffee is selectively-picked instead of strip-picked.
Our coffees have all the international certifications required for export.

We have created a menu of the different most-requested requests we get from around the globe for, not only coffees, but also different services.

Roast Service:
We can roast per your requirements: dark-medium-light.

Grind Service:
We can grind per your requirements: coarse-medium-fine.

Private Label Service:
You can choose any of our coffees for your Private Label Bags. We can package in plain black bags or in our Private Label Coffee Bags (see below) or you may print your own design in Colombia.

“Until we found your company, it was practically impossible to have efficient communication with a Colombian Coffee Company or wholesaler in Colombia, not to mention the language barrier.”

We understand the importance of languages to be able to communicate efficiently. We speak: English, Spanish, Arabic. You will find us always more than willing to be as helpful as we can, therefore please do not doubt to contact us with any questions.

We are a new and modern concept of “Coffee Company & Coffee Association”. We are the only  Private Coffee Company & Association to offer a wide range of private label solutions for small and medium-size buyers than none of the others can.

  1. We are a Colombian Coffee company where you can buy roasted Colombian Coffee.
  2. Have special requirements? You can decide the roasting level of your Colombian coffee by just sending us a sample. Our lab analyzes and duplicates it. (minimum quantities apply).
  3. If you are a coffee company and want to market your own brand, we are perfect for you!
  4. You can use our coffee brand, our coffee logo and our coffee bag design.
  5. Or you can send us your coffee packaging and we fill them with the coffee and send to you.
  6. Interested in becoming Distributor/Representative in your country of a Luxury Brand of Colombian Coffee with an international award-winning packaging? Let us know to send you details.

We would love to be given the opportunity to work with you.

We are a coffee factory that deals with wholesale coffee but we also specialize in Private Labelling.

We have just recently finished officially moving our wholesale coffee business from Colombia to Spain (visit Proveedores de Café .net or Wholesale Coffee Suppliers.co ) to be able to offer a more efficient service at better wholesale prices.

·       International Coffee Wholesalers

·       Roasting and Packaging factory in Spain.

·       We offer coffee whole bean, ground, with Private Label.

·       Private Label Specialists.

·       We ship by SEA, LAND, AIR

·       FDA, EU and IFS certifications

·       We manage coffees of all origins.

·       Bulk and Private Label

·       Low MOQ: 50 kgs (110 lbs)