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We are  an Association of Colombian Coffee Producers and Companies located in the “Coffee Triangle” of Colombia. Our Coffee Association supplies Colombian Coffee worldwide. We accept small orders from 25 kgs (55 lbs) to full 20-ft containers. Private Labelling possible. Roasted or Green Coffee Beans. 100% Arabica Coffee. Our offer consists in a wide range of Colombian Coffee beans.  We offer Excelsos, Supremos and Specialty Coffees.  All Coffee Companies in our Association are registered and certified Coffee Companies and are all authorised exporters.  In order for a Colombian Coffee Company to be able to export Coffee from Colombia, it needs to be a registered exporter with the Federation de Café, the national Coffee institution in Colombia for Colombian Coffee. Our coffee suppliers all meet the requirements of Guarantee of Origin that demands a product such as Colombian Coffee.  If you are interested in buying green Colombian Coffee, the coffee must have been milled by an authorized DO miller for Colombian Coffee, which is the case of all our Colombian Coffees. Always demand your supplier the compliance with those rules to assure an authentic Colombian Coffee. or those who are interested in buying green coffee beans or roasted Colombian coffee directly exported from Colombia, please let us know. We can supply Colombian Coffee in green or roasted form. We can grind and roast as per your requirements.

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We are a Colombian Coffee Association

We are a Colombian Association that comprises of many coffee companies that is 100% dedicated to providing the best possible coffee and coffee solutions from Colombia. We love working with small and medium companies whose passion is the same as ours. We love working together to make our coffee reach different points around the globe. We accept very small orders. Minimum orders are of 25 kilos. We provide a Private Label service. We have international prize-winning designers and we can help you with your packaging, if you need. Or you can use our beautiful standard Private Label Coffee packaging that you can label in destination.

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For  the best coffees of Colombia.  Nothing surpasses our love for coffee, and there’s nothing we’d like more than for our clients to feel the same way. That’s exactly why …

Premium Colombian Coffee

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Please follow our blog on news and details regarding Colombian coffee. We are Colombian Coffee suppliers in Colombia with offices in Madrid/Spain.

Colombian Rainforest Coffee

Colombian Coffee Rainforest Alliance

Year after year, coffee farms in Colombia are adhering to different certifications that confirm welfare and different standards. One of the most important is the Rainforest Alliance seal. The Rainforest …