What is Colombian Coffee and why is it special?

COLOMBIAN COFFEE is the name used to describe a high-quality 100% Arabica Coffee produced in the coffee-growing region known as “La Zona Cafetera” meaning, the Coffee Area or Zone. Colombian coffee is especially special for it is selective harvesting and the love and care put into the whole coffee-making process. Thanks to the deeply -rooted Colombian coffee culture, with more than 500,000 families depending on it, both the pre and post process are of the highest quality where generations of families have dedicated to the same. This includes the planting, picking, drying, threshing and roasting process. As we said, whole families have grown in coffee-producing farms, making them craftsmen and artesans of coffee, reason why Colombian coffee is of the best in the world.

What is known as the Café de Colombia?

It a superb coffee with a history. To be a Café de Colombia, the coffee must be of Premium quality, 100% Arabica coffee, produced in Colombia´s coffee growing zone and at specific altitudes that can surpass 2000 meters above sea level. This coffee would have the stamp of Café de Colombia, a triangular image of a farmer and his mule.

Where does the best Premium Colombian coffee come from?

The best Colombian coffee comes from the mountains. Coffee plants love the shade, therefore banana trees are a common plant that can be seen in coffee plantations.

What types of certificates are there for Colombian Coffee?

Several decades ago, a special program called “The 100% Colombian Coffee Program” was lauched by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. The coffee brands that are part of this program guarantee traceability and guarantee of origin through verious certification that vary basically by área of acceptance though they all guarantee more or less the same points: origin and quality. The group of certificates are:

Denomination of Origin, the  Protected Geographical Indication, and the Certification Marks. Depending on the country, one or other certificate may be the one accepted or recognized.

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