Burdet Gourmet a Worldwide Success

Burdet has surpassed worldwide sales records thanks to its new line of Single Origin coffees launched a few months ago under the brand Burdet Single Origin Gourmet.

Sureste Productos Hosteleros, owner of the Burdet brand, has bet on quality first and foremost and achieved this success with an increasingly sought after concept: a pure coffee without mixes. This company is one of the few worldwide that has launched a complete line of Coffees of Origin that come from the most recognized coffee areas: Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India and Costa Rica.

The products of this coffee company founded in Alicante in 1997 reach cafes and large supermarket chains around the world, including countries such as the USA, England, Russia and Arab countries. This coffee factory also specialises in Private Label and is reknown for high-quality Gourmet Coffees and Green Coffee Superfood.

Article published in Food Retail January 8, 2021


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