Green Colombian Coffee Beans

Recommendations to preserve Green Colombian Coffee Beans in the best shape.

The ideal consumption times for fresh coffee:
Right after the threshing and before the roast, we have what we call the raw or green coffee beans, which are a bluish-green color. If not roasted and kept in this state, every month they get woodier and woodier and lose their strength.

How to preserve the freshness of the green coffee:
To maintain green coffee fresh, for example for export, the ideal situation is to vaccum-seal and freeze it. This way, we can preserve it for months. Once roasted, the oils of the coffee beans are brought to the top and quickly start becoming rancid. The ideal times are 3-4 weeks tops from roasting. And once ground, it can be considered fresh for a few days, reason why it is never a good idea to buy grounded coffee but to buy it roasted and to grind before having it. We ship our coffee by air so that you get the coffee fresh.


Green Colombian Coffee Beans
Green Colombian Coffee Beans


Green Coffee Beans Colombian Picture
Green Coffee Beans Colombian

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