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What is organic coffee?

Organic coffee is produced without the use of chemical substances (pesticides, herbicides, additives). Organic coffee sales are growing steadily around the world. In the USA, it accounts for 30% of total organic beverage consumption. Its demand is growing worldwide but supply is decreasing, due to various factors. The first being that it is increasingly difficult to obtain organic fertalizers. Second, its production is more time-consuming, therefore making it a more costly coffee. Third, the growing of organic coffee is much slower.

What do organic coffee farms use as fertilizers then?

They use the fruits that fall to the ground of many trees such as avocado and banana trees.

How does traditional coffee compare to the organic?

It was been proved that the taste does not really differ organic from traditional. We will call “traditional coffee” the typical coffee grown in most places. The distinction is made mainly by the fertilizers used in the process of growing the coffee. The tradition coffee uses synthetic chemical to keep away insects that can harm or destroy the coffee beans.

Why would a person buy organic coffee when it is more expensive?

For a couple of reasons. Mainly knowing that the coffee you are enjoying has not been treated with chemicals. It´s a question of perception, more than anything else, for chemicals disappear when the coffee is roasted. It hasn´t been demostrated that organic coffee tastes better. But a coffee bean that has not recieved chemicals is healthier bean but not necessarily a richer coffee.

Next reason on the list is knowing that the farmers have not had to handle chemicals and therefore, they and their families, have not been in contact with toxic substances to give us the cup of coffee that we are enjoying.

Third reason is knowing where the coffee comes from. Organic coffee is grown the the forest, in the shade of the trees. The tradictional coffee is usually grown in vast áreas of lands, where the trees have been eliminated to give way to more space for the grown of the coffee beans. This hence leads to destruction of the ecosystem.

Do all coffee farms that are not organic, need to use synthetic (chemical) fertilizers?

The higher up in the mountains, less problems with pests, so healthier are the beans.

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